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Friday, June 15, 2007


So it's been a long time since I've posted here. For shame. My problem was that I wanted to have these long and incredibly insightful posts each time, so I stopped when I couldn't come up with one every day. Also, I've been very distracted by a lot of other things.

I'm writing a new post now because I want to inform you (if I even have any readers of this thing), that I have posted a large number of photos from my trip to Italy! I'm starting to develop a serious interest in photography and I wanted to share the fruits of my effort.

Please go here to access my album! I took a whopping total of 2,780 photos on the trip. I've condensed that to 975 photos for your viewing pleasure. I don't expect anyone to go through all those photos in one sitting, but please check them all out eventually! I also appreciate comments and feedback. I've been told that to view them quicker and more conveniently, you can create a slideshow. Simply scroll down to the bottom of any album page and you'll see "slideshow" amongst a variety of options on the bottom right.

I would love if I could make a career out of this. Once I was done putting the Italy photos up, I created a "portfolio" of 53 of my best photos. Now I need to figure out how to market it....